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❤ ApezSyqin ❤
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Written at 11:00 PM on Thursday, April 29, 2010 0 comment(s)

I'm here , always there for you .

Today , went out to Downtown East and study again . As ussual , meet up with Amanda and Irzwan at KFC White Sand Mall first , after eat , then Irzwan went off at 5pm while me and Amanda went to Downtown East and study there , tomorrow is mother tongue paper 1 and history , will do my very best ! Good day people !

I miss you , but sometimes I don't wish to let you know , coz I know you can move on )":

❤ elohvyee

Written at 11:45 PM on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 0 comment(s)

I let go doesn't mean I stop loving .

Went out to study again . Tomorrow is English and Social Study Mid-Year Exam , I will try my very best to pass alright . Went to the Airport just now and we did a lot of camwhore , pictures is still with Amanda , still have yet to upload , so I will be waiting for the pictures alright ! Ok , now , guess I need to continue study , take care everyone !

❤ elohvyee

Written at 1:25 AM on 0 comment(s)

It's not the end , it's just the beginning .

Hello blog ! I've just reached home , so I guess I need to have a good rest now . Meet Amanda in bus later on ^^ . Thanks for everything today ; Abang Wan and Amanda ^^ . I meet Amanda yesterday to do some revision , and yes we did ! I still have yet some notes to be copy , so yeah , it will take a lot of time . Pictures with Amanda , so I was hoping for her to upload it tomorrow . A lot of things to be accomplish before I'' be going to L.A . Then I can go off dengan tenang .

Farah , I need your help too ok ? Teach me something .

For Iyan , you choose , you make the choice , then we'll see how it goes after that .

For Apriz , I don't know what I did wrong towards you . Maybe I've did something wrong towards you until you react that way towards me now . So please , tego me when I'm wrong , I know theres something you hide and you wouldn't want to tell me . Yes , true about what you said , I barely know you . But , when I know you , you are not who you are now . Which is I don't even know the reason why . I just wish that you are who you are before .

❤ elohvyee

Written at 10:31 AM on Tuesday, April 27, 2010 0 comment(s)

Let's fly off .

Hey readers ! I've got a great news ! I'm off to L.A on 28 May until 5th of June . So , say I WILL MISS YOU to me without fail . LOL !~ Can't wait for that day ^^ . Yeah , I know still long to post about it , but hell yeah I'm so happy about it . Not going with my family , but , with my cousin , I'm sure to have fun I guess . But don't worry much , I'll sure miss my loveones .

❤ elohvyee

Written at 7:37 PM on Monday, April 26, 2010 0 comment(s)

Things will never be the same .

Oh hey readers ! Currently studying social studies until 9pm ^^ . So yeah , I'm ought to say that now , days are getting preety well I guess . I got my loveones around me ^^ . I'm glad that everything turns out well .  Tomorrow school ends at 11.45 am , so gonna come to school . LOL ! Ok , chatting with no one other than Iyan Kake ^^ . Got to go , byebye ^^

❤ elohvyee

Written at 1:45 AM on 0 comment(s)

Let bygones be bygones .

Hey readers , was wondering where's all my previous post right ? Well , I wanted to start a new fresh blog , a new fresh life . So yeah , mid-year is here , so I won't be going out that often alright . I'm sorry , but who ever asking me out , don't bother to ask , coz I will say no . I need to study and I need to follow up my timetable . Yeap , I've done my timetable . So I have to follow it . Since now my prepaid is low , can't contact anyone . Therefore , don't bother to search for me , coz if you do , I will only answer to a few ok . So currently , I'm bored , so I guess I will be going to sleep soon .

❤ elohvyee