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Written at 5:21 AM on Saturday, May 29, 2010 0 comment(s)

Things now different when you're gone

Updating to my private blog . Sorry (:

❤ elohvyee

Written at 8:22 AM on Thursday, May 27, 2010 0 comment(s)

feat nizam
look up ! ' syqin pergi mane tu ? '
 pasir ris > tampines > Woodland > Marsling > Woodland > Tree house > Tampines > Pasir Ris

I pierce my ear ! And I wana pierce more ! Kak , let's go again ok ! JOMJOM ! hehe :D . Ok , I'm late for Sports day , at Bedok Stadium , so cialat ! Amanda merajuk dgn aku , tsktsk . Sorry eyh , I come la ok ? But I don't know where to walk la ! If lost how ? Nehmind , for your sake , lost nehmind , tsk ! Sorry readers , I'm lazy to post formally , let's post friend , friend . Laugh , english , HANCOR ! Eyh ok , I paitau work 3 days already , tsktsk , RABAK ! June hols coming . SHESHA SHESHA SHESHA ! JOMJOMJOM ! Aku nak enjoy , boleyh ? Azzura how ? Amaliah all can not go , I want to ajak siape ? Siape nak pergi ? Ceyh fake , I cancel the ticket already , so let's enjoy dgn kawan kawan la boleyh ? Tak boleyh ! Syqin kene belajar ! -.-' . Ala , ok la , belajar yok ! Tapi tak nak stay rumah , boleyh ? Gasak kau , asalkan kau pass N level kau eyh ! Eyh , I talk alone sia . Sorry readers , sorry sorry sorry , I'm so lazy la , so bare with my typing and all eyh . Boleyh ? Boleyh kan ? Tak boleyh , kau diam , takya bace , fake ^^ .

I laugh coz I won't be sad , I smile coz I'm not someone that easily give up (:

❤ elohvyee

Written at 6:14 PM on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 0 comment(s)


I'm not perfect , I know , sigh* .
Will you ever listen to what I wanna say ?
Will you be there when I need someone ?
Guess not , you have your own life and now , yeah , I won't bother you anymore . I was wrong all this while , I'm sorry . Sorry for everything I've that . I know you can move on with your life , I'm sure about that . And I'm sure , you will get someone way better . Guess I can't celeberate your birthday this year huh ? Guess so , (: . But , just remember , on your birthday , read my blog , and please , don't make yourself overwork . And please remember to bring money when you go for your soccer training , for you to buy water ! -.-' . Tsk , and yes , wake up on time so that you won't be late to school . AND DON'T SLEEP LATE AT NIGHT ! Eat medicine when you are need to . Sigh* , I know I'm no one to you anymore , but listen , take good care of your health alright .

❤ elohvyee

Written at 2:57 AM on 0 comment(s)

Can I call you every night like we use to ?

Oh looks down , yeah , it would be a lie if I say I didn't cry after reading the post . I did cry . Thanks Airah . Anyway , let bygones be bygones . Nothing else I can do to return to the past . If I had the cance , let me clear all my wrong doings for the 4 months I've been through . Regret , yeah , but like I said , nothing else I can do . So , I won't be going to L.A for the sake of my friends . So lets go shesha . No last minute cancel ok ! LOL . Lets just say , I only put my bestest friend before me .

Oh to guys out there , just don't bother to say ' what if one day we become couple ? ' . So let me reply this . ' It won't hapen , sorry aye , my heart just doesn't belong to anyone other than (insertname) . '

You think you can be better than him ? Nahh , so stop whatever you are trying to do . Coz it won't hapen . Only if he change , then I will force myself to change too ayye . So , wait long long to be mine ^^ .

Dancers ;
I will be watching you guys ! (:

Schedule for this week ;
Tuesday , working
Wednesday , will be going to Woodland I guess
Thursday , ngaji
Friday , working
Saturday , working (last day ? maybe)
Sunday , stay at home ??

❤ elohvyee

Written at 9:51 PM on Sunday, May 23, 2010 0 comment(s)

assalamu'alaikum ;D
peace be upon.

well, its her god sisterr updating for her, AIRAAH xD.
ferstly i wanna say its beeeennn a reaaall damn LOOOOOOOONG since we slack, meet, window shopping and all that stuffs together. i really miss those moments with her. really really do. and jyeah, she's my EVERYTHING. eventhough she aint my real sis, she still part of my life. shes someone who i believe can go far. although you may see her slacking but truly her, she do aim for a high expectation and even put a target. thats someone i really adore. she never never ever fail to advice people and give an helping hands. thats her, but when it comes to her own life, she was rather speechless. but despite all that, she never failed to stand up for herself and move on faking a smile. she was that strong, strong girl indeed, how i wish to be her ;D. tsk whoa that was long to describe her. basically i know her since i was in pri 3 i guess? where i started my malay dancing ;D. she was a good dancer, real good dancer. hehs, kaeyyh the reason i update all this nonsense was that im superr duperr BORED, damn bored and due to her so called DEAD blog, i decided to update it for her. hehs~! so jyeah to my akak who is taking N lvl that is getting near, ALL THE BEST TO YOU :D.~

I Miss You Comment Graphics

ohkaeyy take caire peeps, AIRAAH ;D

❤ elohvyee

Written at 3:40 AM on 0 comment(s)

`Syqiin ; be strong !

Shesha with friends . Just came back around 3 am due to taking night rider . Actually nothing much I want to update about . Going to sleep , my eyes can't take it anymore . 2 days straight I didn't sleep . SO I'm off to bed now . Goodnight !

❤ elohvyee

Written at 6:19 AM on Friday, May 21, 2010 0 comment(s)

You all I want and Baby I need you .

BOO !~
Hey readers ,
hows life ? Doing great ? My oh my , cough-cough , my blog is so dusty . Clean clean . LOL , lame , I know -.-' . Anyway , I miss a lot of people and yes I miss him too , feel lik texting him , but will he reply ? I don't think so . I'm sure he already forget about me huh ? Well , that's ok . I just want to thank God for giving me the chance to meet him . It's gonna be 5 months of our friendship . Will he remember that ? I don't think so . I'm sure he's happy without me .

Dear God ,
please , keep him safe . Keep him away from whatever bad things . Let him be happy . (Baca surah al-falaq) . Lindungi la dia . Amiin .

And you ,
will you text me after reading this ? Sigh* . I don't think you will be reading my blog anymore huh . I just hope you will be happy and you will be safe wherever you are . Promise will be a promise , no more noneng , previous post , just ignore . I won't break the promises that I have made . So yeah , whether or not you want to trust me , I don't mind . I just want you to be happy and please , don't do stupid stuff . Is it really true that our friendship is off ? SIgh* .

Ok , back to hey readers ,
I will be off this June , who want to meet me before June , come and make an appointment with me quick , coz , I'm sorry , I won't be who I am the last time after I get back from L.A . Really sorry . My friendship to all friends is still tight , but , let me concentrate more on my studies and after that , you guys can bring me out ok ? I won't forget you guys .

Dancers ,
maybe I won't be seeing you guys dance on 6th June . Coz I won't be around , sorry babies . Do your best ok ! Take care of yourself alright ! Don't make yourself work more than your body expected , they need to rest ayye hunns ^^ .

❤ elohvyee

Written at 1:43 AM on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 0 comment(s)

It's faded , just say it (:

Comel is not around anymore , I can't share my problems , can't share my love , can't share foods , can't share everything . I'm really sad , really really sad . Yeah , I'm in love with my cat , why ? Got problem is it ? No right ? So shut the F up , thanks (: . Anyway , 3 days straight huh ? Will it stop ? Don't think so , after one , another came in . So , life nothing but tons of problems . Bullshits ayye .

You are no more my G.A , so yeah , I will do what I wanna do , please , just don't need for you to like me ok ? You go on with your life , and so do I . If you think I'm waiting for that day to come , it's BULLSHITS !

Wednesday , noneng .
11th June is up .

❤ elohvyee

Written at 3:42 PM on Sunday, May 16, 2010 0 comment(s)

I caught myself , keep playing with fire .

Hi ! Hows life readers ?! Anyway , it seems now I'm more to work than playing with my laptop huh ? Well , Reached home at 3 am in the morning , and went to sleep . Tired ok , sigh* .

me ; Why you look me like that ?
them ; You cute urh
me ; =.=' .

them ; ey kecik !
me ; =.=' what

Wah , laugh* . My workplace buly me only uh , haha , nevermind , as long as they are happy , I'm happy , we are working , that's enough . I miss Iyan truckloads . Can't text people while I'm working , sodeyhhh . Anyway , who want my number , ask me through msn . Don't have my msn , then too bad , find a way , and I will give it to people who I will give , laugh* . So try your luck !

❤ elohvyee

Written at 3:22 AM on Friday, May 14, 2010 0 comment(s)

Enjoy as if there's no tomorrow

Hey readers , it's nearly 3 am in the morning , still not asleep yet . I have to wake up at 6am to wake Iyan up . I'm having flu . So how am I gonna work tomorrow ? Sigh , it's ok , will be healthy tomorrow , like real =.=' . I know . Anyway , I've got nothing much to update . Mid-year is over , so , by Monday , I will be back in school with a new resolution .

To Ila ; be strong ok girl ? I'm sure one day he will get what he deserves , there's nothing much we can do . Beat him back ? Until when ? Until when will you guys stop ? It doesn't makes sense if you guys keep on fighting right ? Leave this to Allah's hand ok dear ? For goodness sake , you guys are Muslim , yet you guys fight with each other ? It's just a waste of time honey . Just let it be . I know it's kind of stupid , but you are suppose to defense yourself when he's trying to slap you . And yes , he have no right to beat you up like that . Whether or not he's a guy or a gay , he's still a guy and one thing he would be ashame of , ashame of people calling him ' dayus ' . Sure enough you know what it means right ? It's kind of irritating when everyone keep on bragging about that case , =.=' . It's like ' what and why are you guys talking about this shits when it doesn't concern me ? ' Telling the truth , it's not that I'm not concern about you , but people talking about Siglapians , I just don't like to interfier in any case plus I'm not the type of person that cares about Siglap . Whatever hapens , whatever it may be , yes I'm part of Siglap , but Im not into Siglap , I came to that school coz I wanna study , and that's want I wanna achieve for over the stupid 4 years I've been slacking . It's such a waste , and dear Ila , just think deeply , if this continue , what's your future gonna be honey ?

I'm irritated ,and bored of hearing those stories . Oh for goodness sake , not only Siglapians like that , look into History , look on how many case like these happens , so stop bragging about it ! let bygones be bygones , and no point fighting/talking over it . It's useless . If this goes on , then were's the peace ?! Tsk , nothing better to do is it ? Asking about this , tsktsk .

❤ elohvyee

Written at 12:02 AM on Thursday, May 13, 2010 0 comment(s)

Will you be by my side ?

Hey readers , I'm so sorry . I know it's been long time since I've update , but hey , I'm working while doing some dance practice , while schooling , so you have to understand me . I'm sure some of you are busy too right ? So readers , I won't be replying you comments on time ok . Oh and , please , putt your name in it . I will call it rubbish if you didn't put your name . Sorry , I'm not harsh , but , I won't reply to unknown , therefore , I appreciate it by you put your real name alright ? So anyway , I'm suppose to be asleep now . I'm sick , head spinning for the last two days , tired , having flu , and my tekak is so painful , not sure why . Anyway , I will be working later on , so I guess I'm going to sleep now ? Ok la , gtg ! Byebye readers . I won't be so active in tagged and blog , so get me through msn or phone . Take care readers !

To someone ; which picture may I know ? And please , indicate your name , thank you very much ^^

❤ elohvyee

Written at 2:17 AM on Thursday, May 6, 2010 0 comment(s)

Have faith in yourself .

Morning readers ! Well , I want to update before the time tick at 2:30am in the morning . My eyes is tired , but yet , I force myself for a while to update . I'm into Korean songs for the pass few days , and yes , they are so so cute . Well , what do you expect ? Koreans right ? ^^ . No wonder my cousins are so into them ^^ . They are so kawaii . Anyway , papers left with maths paper 2 , a maths paper 1 and 2 , physics and cehmistry . I doubt I can't do my chemistry , but I will try my very best though . Can't let myself down , afterall , I did study , tsqtsq . Anyway , what else do I need to say ? Oh yeah , I'm sick , crycry . Guess I will fall real sick soon , but I can't , I need to go to work , starting from next week . Therefore , I will keep myself healty . Guess that's all I want to update .

Sarangheyo ! ; `syqiin

❤ elohvyee

Written at 2:27 AM on Tuesday, May 4, 2010 0 comment(s)

❤ elohvyee

Written at 1:30 AM on 0 comment(s)

Who am I to you ? Thats the question you need to think .

I've been busy lately , tomorrow is english and mother tongue paper 2 . So I will do my best for both of the paper right guys ? I've been studying a lot , so I hope I can pass .

Life still have to move on eventhough there's a lot of tantrum , problems , and everything . I won't admit defeat now , I still have long way to go , Insya'Allah .

For you , I will try to change my attitude , for you , I will change to be a better person and by that , I will be who I am and not to be someone who I'm not . Therefore , you should be ready to accept who I am in future .

cheha: maner menghlg? why so senyap? ):
syqiin ; sorry cheha , I'm a bit busy for few months and so on , I'm starting to work , and I just can't have a lot of slacking on a crucial year of mine , I'm seating for N plus two O level subjects , but I will try to get myself free to meet you guys soon ok ??

nc: girl , i miss you so much ):
syqiin ; I missed you too hunny , but like I said earlier on to Cheha , I've got a lot of things to do now . I will make myself free for you guys .

Afrinna: I'm so proud of you now !! =)) and ,, huhu .. gonna miss you .. but ,, i going Jakarta anyway ,, so both of us is gonna say "YEY !!" hehe ^^
syqiin ; thanks , but still , I'm going through the same thing hunny , but yet , I will overcome it .

maslina: syqin, takmo sad2. anything me and farah here for you. takecare yea.
syqiin ; thanks hunny , ^^ . I will try my very best to overcome it , not too worry hunns . Hey , theres no life if there's no problems right ? ^^

❤ elohvyee