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❤ ApezSyqin ❤
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Written at 11:32 PM on Friday, November 26, 2010 0 comment(s)

I don't know why , but I'm attracted to this picture of us (: .

Anyway , I went to Aisyah's house and then off to Atok's house . Thanks Fahmu to help me bring Comel&Comet's things to my house . So aftwerwards off to Afghan again . Wanna cut my hair but it seems that the shop close so early and I'm not satisfied -.-' , haha !~ Lame sia . Ok , so then bought cat's foods then off to meet Farah . So , I guess I'm off to sleep early , I need to wake up as tomorrow I will be working , even Sunday , so , Guess $$ comes  and go coz I''m gonna shop my way ! :D , ok that's done . I'm off now . Chaliohs !~

❤ elohvyee

Written at 3:27 AM on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 0 comment(s)

Hi jerks and bitches , yesterday went out to Grandlink , meet Farah and Fina . They book the room already , so I meet them in room 21 . Afterwards Ameer came . He arrive late as he just came back from work , so will be tiring for him but overall , we had so much fun . Guess I will regret if I didn't came down yesterday . And my sweet gf bought a ring for me and a ring for ameer . Mine ring has stars on it and for ameer's ring has lizard on it . By right she wanna find for me chicken , as you know farah is a frog , im a chicken and ameer is a lizard , cute right ? LOL , so yes , we three are the laughters . And one thing , we will be bored if one of us is missing . Therefore , we need the three of us to be together . I'm tired now but yet , I'm here to update my blog . It's been long since I never update my blog formally . Anyway , I wanna go grandlink again with you guys , and on 4th dec , lets go sentosa and then off to grandlink if the rest ok with it . So yeah , I wanna have more time with you guys , muah muah . Ok done , I wanna go to bed now . Sleepy already , can not tahan . Bye bye (: 

❤ elohvyee