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Written at 3:39 AM on Monday, January 31, 2011 0 comment(s)


Hi bloggers and hi bloghoppers . To prevent from any misunderstanding , I just wanna say that Indra and I are just dating now . We are not attach . What Fathul have said to me when I , Riera and Fathul conference together was the fact . And when I think back , its true . 

So ya , here a little post for Ahmad Tamimi Indra .
Yes , I do like you , yes I do miss you , but truthfully it's hard for me to move on . You still don't know my past and I have yet to tell you about this , to make things short and simple , let's meet up and we talk about it .
And to Muhammad Shahiran Shah , I admit , I miss you , and I still love you eventhough I may sound so sacarstic in the text message eventhough you didn't realize it . I've tried so hard not to think of you but end up , you were in my dream four times . I don't know what it means also . So ya , I don't know what else I can do .

Thanks Yanna for the advice , I really appreciate it . 

Maybe the best way is not contacting anyone . Friends , ya , I can accept , maybe it's better for me to lay off . I really need to be alone for this few days . I need my time . And I just need my baby girls around . Which is Farah , Riera , Tity and Yanna . They are the ones that have been there , watch and listen to all my stories . Only these few that I can rely on . Later on karaoke , I want to let out all of my feelings , I want to cry , but sadly my tears just left a little . I can't stand it anymore with my feelings . I just wish that time would stop when I was in my dream . It's better that way . I want to be the lady that have her own fairytale life . Ya , fairytale life is just a fiction , but I want to be the princess that have her own prince . 

Tity , meet me soon ok (: Miss you a lot . 

Guess I'm done now , take care everyone . And don't get hurt . Bye loves (:

❤ elohvyee

Written at 7:43 AM on Sunday, January 30, 2011 0 comment(s)

Hi semua ! Sorry i have not been updating my blog , my internet got problem , so yeah . Im updating using iphone , sungguh irritating , never update using iphone before , the hate part was that , got problem with uploading pictures . Anyway , im meeting my precious love later at yishun . Meting riera and maybe tity abd lela will be there too . Miss them truckloads , a lots of problem need to handle , about friends , so ya . So far , ive been talking a lot with tity every night , but for the past few days didnt on the phone since i want tity to concentrate with raz , they are very sweet couple . Lol . And ya , on the phone with tity , it was very hillarious , talk a lot of things , and we did advice each other , but i dont know why some people doesnt appreciate her as a bestfriend , sorry if anyone tersinggung but its the fact which tity is a really great friend .

Tity , anything that you are going through , i know you can face it , and you really a strong lady . Cheer up , theres always others that really respect you as a friend and i am one of them to that respect you . I know it will not be the same as how your ex baby girls are but seriously , theres no use if you jaga hati dia orang tapi dia orang tak jaga hati you . Must always remember , kawan rapat pun boleh jadi musuh . Ive been through alot , baby girls doesbt respect me , when i think back of the moment i spent a lot of things for them but they never appreciate me , so ya , this type of friends , i would rather throw them aside . Wednesday , lets go karaoke k , haha ! Miss you truckloads ((:

Replying to tag ;
Adik iqa , haha , adik , akak and indra belom lagi officially . Tipu la kalau akak kata akak da tak sayang abang iyan , masih sayang , tapi akak da tak boleh buat apa apa lagi , im trying to move on now ((: . Adik pun nak kene cheer up , ive read your previous post about the guy sakitkan hati adik , pada akak , semua lelaki sama , entah la , akak harap , akak tak akan terluka lagi , dan akak akan doa untuk adik juga ok . Takmo naughty naughty tau ((:

Ok , listening to dangdut song , macam nak goyang je bontot ni , haha ! Rindu grandlink !! Ok , sorry if i post half malay and english language , one in a while la kan (: . I've got nothing much to share and ya , don't get things wrong , currently i an indra is in the progress , hopefully everything will go smoothly . He will be very busy with his football , work , school and floorball . And we have yet to learn each other more . Guess im done here ? Ok la , i think i wanna go and have a nap , going yishun later , anyone saw me , say hi ((:

❤ elohvyee

Written at 4:13 AM on Thursday, January 20, 2011 0 comment(s)

Ciak ! Gambar lama , tahu (: Takya bilang k (: Anyway , I'm starting a fresh new beginning . People keep on telling me , why not just open your heart and see what's coming . So I did , but still , in progress hor (: . So yup , currently hubby is waiting for me until I finnish posting . Oh , look down , yup , my hubby . I don't know what to say , but I admit , being with him was so comfortable . He makes me laugh until my stomach nearly to burst . Ya , when I do some stupid face , he will do it too , cute taw dia <3 . He was so noisy during our journey in the bus from interchange to my house there . And hubby , you can't make your voice same as mine , so yeah , too bad :P . Oh , let's start from the beginning shall we ? Well , I was suppose to wake up at 10 AM but instead I overslept and I meet Yanna at around 12PM , so I texted Tyty to inform her that I was late since her number was easy to find . So then , reached at MPH was around 1.30PM . Did learn a new steps , and I did fork out few steps . I just hope that the main dance will be awesome . Can't wait for Friday . So I end dance at 8 PM , usually break I texted hubby , suddenly cute thing happen , haha !

hubby ; " What time you end ? "
me ; " 8 , nak amek ke ? haha " [actually main2 je ]
hubby ; " you want ? "
ma ; " lol , u serious ke ? " [ fikir dia main2 je kan ]
hubby ; " yes im serious , kita kan da kahwin , haha ! "

Cute right ? Haha ! Until there je , takya lebeh lebeh . So ya , he did fetch me , and thank you hubby for fetching me and sending me until down my void deck . He's the first guy who did this for me , sweet right ? Nyahaha , ok la , gtg , pity hubby , he needs to sleep and off to school soon . So yeah , good days my friends (:

❤ elohvyee

Written at 2:06 AM on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 0 comment(s)

What is it feel if you are sick for 5 days and was on the bed all whole day ? I was like a dead body you know ! The whole 5 days being at home on the bed doing nothing . And I have no fucking energy to do anything . So ya , here I'm updating my blog since it's already been few days I've not yet update anything . I'm still waiting for ITE , so I guess I just move on la . There's nothing much I can do , well , there's actually another way but it seems that my mom didn't agree with it but actually it's a good way . Tsktsk . Never mind , nothing much I can do . 

Oh Allah , I seek for your guideness to guide through my way . Oh Allah , I seek for your forgiveness that I have been in a mess for the pass few years . Amiin .

❤ elohvyee

Written at 3:09 AM on Friday, January 14, 2011 0 comment(s)


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Written at 11:28 PM on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 0 comment(s)

Hi ! Nunu kental , tau (: LOL , lame sia , tau la kan , takya blg k :P !
Anyway , was having a tiring week , dance dance and dance . I just hope that I get in ite , I don't wanna slack outside please . Ok , sebenarnya , kita tidak tahu apa lagi hendak post . Masalahnya , saya tidak ada cerita menarik , hehe . Why did I type like that , step cute right ? I know la , shuddup k :P . I love the way I live my life now . I seriously do . 

A piece of advice ; when you see more problems , you will get more problems <3

Oh and I wanna post this for my bestfriend Atoyy ;
cheer up , hopefully I get in ite , facility and we can date ! Ceh , joking , so that you won't be lonely ok bestfriend , sayang kau <3

Another post for my bestfriend also , Radhi ;
You also must cheer up ok (: There's nothing much you can do . Fate will bring you together again . Yes , I know it hurts to let someone whom you love go but learn to love yourself more . Once someone walks out of your life , someone new will come into your life . Always to be ready of what circumstance you gonna go through ok . Remember , I'm always here for you to share your problems . ok bestfriend (: <3

And to Farah Nur Afrina , aku punya sayang ;
I miss you so freaking much , you've started school , but I'm not . I'm so disappointed in myself . Sigh* . I'm so selfish when I'm in 2010 . I regret what I've did , but I just can't turn back in time , if only we have time machine . Sigh* . Ok , I want you to enjoy schooling , so yeah , please doa for me that I get in school . I don't wanna slack . 

Oh and yeah , Ameer ;
where did you go ? don't you miss us ? sigh* . but it seems that you don't longer need us . it's ok , i understand , whatever is it , stay happy in live . take care of yourself ok .

ok la , that's all i have to say . I feel so sleepy , but I just couldn't close my eyes . Its sucks ! Grr , ok la , bye !

❤ elohvyee

Written at 3:43 AM on Monday, January 10, 2011 0 comment(s)

Sorry for the late post . I have yet to tell you guys a lot of stories actually . But eventually , I'm too lazy . Anyway , one question , would you rather have a lot of friends or just few friends ?

My answer to it ;
There's no different between lots and few , but I prefer to have few friends . Why? I wouldn't want to go through lots of problems anymore . It's either I'm the one bringing the problem or it's them . But hey , everyone makes mistakes . True friends come and stay but there's another part which , true friends come and stay but still care for you . Therefore , there's a different between , friends who come and go , that's not friend , that's incorrect . You wouldn't know what's in their heart , therefore , just remember one thing , treasure before it's lost (: . And one more , be who you are , there's no need for you to change to fit in with them , coz if they can't accept it , leave them and see what's gonna happen next (:

You know , one of my bestfriend is going through this , and I ask him , would you rather have a lot of friends or few friends ? So then , he did answer , but it doesn't makes sense to me and I told him what I've type under my answer to it . You know , you don't have to get to know lots of people . What for care about you name ? What I mean is not giving bad  to your name but this is what I wanna ask , would you rather choose pride or mind your own business? Think about it ^^

Oh and I got a new bestfriend , haha ! Funny ya know the story . Since we are friends , I'm willing to give my number to him . Then we text and text and he ask whether I wanna be his bestfriend or not and I said , why not ? So from then on , he share problems with me . Well , now , just take good care of yourself , your health are more important now . And must rest well plus you need to stay positive and overcome what you gonna go through now and in future . Since you wanna have a relationship right , then you should prepare the upcoming problems . I'm always here for you to share anything hor (: . - to Radhi (:

I'm so gonna spent a lil after I get my pay . Farah ! Let's go shopping !
What I'm gonna buy ;
- contact lens ( $18 )
- compact powder

What I want ;
- Supra High Cut !
- Ipod !

I think that's all , I think only hor . Can not promise that I just buy two things . LOL . Ok la , I'm so gonna end this post now . Goodbye ! Gonna continue watch my Korean Drama . (: CHOWS !~

❤ elohvyee

Written at 2:50 AM on Thursday, January 6, 2011 0 comment(s)

 Hi baby(s) ! I've sitting around at home , yesterday was really a bad weather . Floods all around , called my mom at 5.30pm , asking where is she , I know that she will be scared of thunder and lightnings . Told her to stay opposite block . Took an umbrella and off I went to take my mom . She was too afraid and she ask to stay under that block for a while , so we did , few minutes after , we walk off and quickly reached home . I couldn't give any comment to yesterday's weather . Ok , so I've done nothing much at home , slack.com . Yup , watch tv with mom , chat with Iyan<3 . After mom finish cooking , I off my laptop and eat ! Ok , eating is important ok ^^ . So then continue watching tv . blablabla .

I've come across one of my lovely sister's blog , well , she did blog about me , and here I am , replying what I have to say .
Wanna start a fresh , but  I can't promise anything , coz like I've said , I'm gonna change and I just hope that you could accept it . Ya , it's not only you that have to handle too much problems . Others too . Sometimes I do have to speak up , but when I do , you guys can't accept , so I just keep it to myself , and just let me eat all those shits . It's better to be that way than having misunderstandings right . Others said , that I should have just speak up , but then I realize , it's no use . End up , we'll be having some quarreling all this nonsense . No matter how far between me and you , I always care about you . Remember what I've promise ? I will always be there for you , even when you hide your sadness behind your smile , I will be the one who notice it right ? Therefore , do what's best for you . One thing , sometimes , you have to think , what others comment about you may be right , it's just you who have to realize yourself whether is it right or wrong of what they've said . As for me , since you guys said that I'm sensitive , true , I admit . But I do have fun a lot than being sensitive right ? Remember , as long as you are happy , I'm happy (: . Maybe will meet next week ok (: See you around . I love you forever and always (:

❤ elohvyee

Written at 1:55 AM on Tuesday, January 4, 2011 0 comment(s)

Hey lovelies ! Let's talk about yesterday . I have a freaking fun day yesterday . With Farah , Sabrina and Farzana . Meet Farah at 11am then off to ITE SIMEI , then afterwards off to Grandlink , was freaking happening but I hate iphone ! Grr , can't record , waste my energy only , nevermind , there's always next time , anyway , at 4.30pm off to Farah's house , wait for her and her sisters to get dress , then meet Atoyy and Lolli , aww , I miss them both , nak hug next time please oh please . So 6.45pm off to Downtown , Farah treat me to watch movie and it's Gulliver Travels again . LOL , it's ok , coz I laugh alot with them . So yeah . Afterwards , Farah and mine crazyness came . Sabrina and Farzana have yet to know how crazy are we when me farah meets . So yeah , i ends at 9pm , then went to eat KFC and thanks again Farah for the treat , love you so much . You know , the ones who know me will always know that I don't like people to treat me , not sure why la . So then Apai called me , ask for meet up but I can't . It's already late and I need to get back home . Therefore I'm sorry Apai , and also I wanna appologize to my dear Riera that I can't ton with you , I don't have any bus fare to get to Tampines , maybe next time ok ? Love you Riera , muahmuah . Ok so , took 21 off to home sweet home . Ok I'm done , pictures at my facebook . Down there , they are my loveones (: Goodnight preety/handsome heads , muahmuah 

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Written at 7:22 PM on Sunday, January 2, 2011 0 comment(s)

Hi ! Miss me ? No ? Your problem . Anyway , let me introduce myself , my name is Nurul Asyqin , call me Nunu is enough . Gonna be 17 soon , presents please :D . Joking . Anyway , yesterday was a great day . Went out with family to Geylang and eat at Hjh don't know where . :D . Then off to Downtown watch The Tourist , it was AWESOME ! Seriously , you've got to watch . Ok , after the movie , off home and celebrate my father's birthday , he's 44 now ! HUHU ! Ok , afterwards , Farah came home , today maybe she's coming to my crib again like yesterday . I did webcam with Iyan , but I'm the one that can on my webcam , but he didn't -.-' . Kata orang masai , ya la , tak kan nak lawa lawa kan pat rumah -.-' Siapa ajar ? tsktsk . I'm lazy to make up and all , I don't know but I've satrted to be lazy and all . Too bad but I must maintain it . Just wanna say to those friends that I contact with , sorry if I didn't text you like how I used to , sorry so much , but I'm lazy . Someone need to make me not to be lazy to text . Sigh* Whats got into me ? I don't know . I only text that are important to me , so yeah (: Sorry jacks and joys . Ok , I've got nothing else to say .

** I want you to take care of me like how you used to - from me to you (:

Ok , I'm done here , I promise I will update more ok ? Bye lovelies (:

❤ elohvyee

Written at 12:26 AM on Saturday, January 1, 2011 0 comment(s)

It's a HAPPY NEW YEAR ! K lame .

Anyway , yup , i did msg a fe , but then i'm lazy to text a lot of people , therefore , I'm wishing Happy New Year today to everyone out there . It's starting a new year and a new resolution , so yeah , have fun guys (: <3

❤ elohvyee