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❤ ApezSyqin ❤
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Written at 1:18 AM on Monday, March 28, 2011 0 comment(s)

Went out with the best . (: 

It was suppose to be a double date , kesian Shidah , tapi disebakan Halis tak bilang kan -.-' . So yeah , I'm with bhy , farah with halis and shidah . Farah datang rumah I , siap siap then off to meet Halis and Shidah pat White Sand . Then off to meet bhy at his void deck pat Jurong . Farah , Halis and Shidah off to Sumorset first . So da amik bhy , tros meet the rest pat Sumorset . Da sampai , kita tros jalan pergi City Hall , during the walk , ade juga amik gambar , but the pictures with Shidah . Sampai tros kte g makan pat marina . Bhy makan besar per ! Tsktsk . Around 8pm Farah , Halis and Shidah off to show choir . Tinggal I dengan bhy je . Pergi Esplanade , makan chocolate sunday pie . Perut I da penuh pon bhy pakse makan :P . Nak buat I gemok je tau ! The off to Marina Bay Sand . Slack there , and sumpah kita macam cute gtu kan , main air . Haha ! (: . Afterwards , around 10.50pm off to marina bay mrt . Bhy anta I balik , kesian dia tak boleh balik , no more bus , even night rider untuk pergi jurong pon takde -.-' . So bhy slack outside my house dulu then masok rumah , sleep at my house . Sumpah semalam ketawe besar nye . Tak pernah pernah ketawe besar mcm tu since tak tau biler kan . Haha , I suke ^^ . K la , ni je la I nak update , malas nak update panjang2 . BYE (:

❤ elohvyee

Written at 11:47 PM on Thursday, March 24, 2011 0 comment(s)

Hi bloggy !

Guess it's just a simple update ? 

Okok , yesterday I meet Liya and Iqa at Downtown , went to McDonald and then off to my home to karaoke .

Today , Apez❤ came to my crib , we do have lot of fun . And at last he get to meet my mum and my mum get to meet him . So around 8a.m he reached here, went out around 5p.m I guess? Off to Grandlink, get to meet Liya, Zahari and Nana. So Apez❤, Omar and I get to karaoke for 3 hours. Seriously, I takut dengan Omar tadi! Disebabkan dia macam orang tak betul gitu kan :P. So then we start karaoke at 7p.m, end at 10p.m. Then off home. 

At 11.30p.m , 24/03/2011 my status change (: 
K, I'm done! Bye (:

❤ elohvyee

Written at 2:45 AM on Monday, March 21, 2011 0 comment(s)


Hi readers , it’s been last since I update. Therefore I will just update of what I did last Friday.


- Went to Mercu then to Iqek house

- Meet Punggolians at Bugis

- Meet Riera and Tity at Grandlink

- Afterwards sent Iqek, Mamat, Nana and Faidhi to bustop .

- Wait for Apez, Omar and Farhan

- Head off to Grandlink again and Karaoke

- Apez follow me home, and we ton just outisde my house there

( It’s already Saturday)

- 7 plus went down, meet Apez again then off to home

- Apez went home around 2.50pm

- Then I slept all the way until the next day which is Sunday

- First thing , sorry Delaila , couldn’t watch you for audition coz I need to go for Kenduri

- Second thing



So yeah, that’s all I’ve been doing. Stay at home and sleep plus doing my chores. My prepaid is already dead, so I’m sorry, couldn’t reply or answer any of your call. Everything are settle, so ya, I don’t wanna be in the middle, don’t wanna have any more conflicts or whatever k? Today is Monday, so I guess, mom and I gonna cut hair later on? Then on Tuesday, gonna take my pay then meet Apez, Omar and Farhan?? So ya, that’s how my life is now. Wondering if I have a boring life? NOPE! Coz I have my beloved ones. I wanna thanks Farah and Iqek for being there. K done! Guess I’m off now, kesian Apez, nanti I tak layan dia, ade ade je nanti dia kene kan I alek, k bye ! <3

❤ elohvyee

Written at 3:05 AM on Thursday, March 17, 2011 0 comment(s)

Tuesday went out with Apez , Farhan , An Junior and Omar . Apez fetch me at my void deck . Sorry Apez coz I make you wait for so long ^^ . Then off to meet Omar and An Junior at Vivo City , while waiting for Farhan . The four of us went to banquet and eat ! Only me and Apez , few minutes later , Farhan came . Farhan , Omar and An went to book Rango ticket . Pictures will be uploaded at facebook soon . So I don't wanna waste my time uploading here . Afterwards went to the fountain and chilex a lil , afterwards off to Delaila's chalet and we ton . Tity was there too . So yeah , drink but no drunk . Thought that the book is close , but it didn't . Ada lagi hal menambah -.-' . I lazy to drag it , so yeah , whatever it is , I just say yes to all of your questions . Done (: 

❤ elohvyee

Written at 10:15 PM on Monday, March 14, 2011 0 comment(s)

Hi Hi ! I've got nothing much to share . My life is superb right now . Having a great time at home (: . Sekarang I keluar rumah sekali sekala je . Ok , Last update was Saturday pagi kan ? Continue story k ? 

- 3pm working until 11pm . 
- Was kind of upset that now my pay will get on Friday , but it's ok .
- Afterwards off to meet Apez , he fetch me after work , baik kan dia ? ^^ 
- Off to Pasir Ris , took NR7 
- Reached Pasir Ris around 2 AM .
- Off to Central , and then kita makan . 
[ Thanks Apez for the treat ^^ , da tak paya belikan i Ben And Jerry k ? ((: ]
- Finish eating , bought coke for Mamat , off to meet Iqek and Mamat at Pondok .
- Iqek and Mamat went home , me and Apez ton at Pondok . 
- Around 5 plus off to Downtown .
( On the way to Downtown , hujan lebat , nak mandi hujan tapi Apez tak kasi ! GERAM ! Abeh dia kebasahan , mana fair dia dapat mandi hujan !! )": )
- Reached McDonald , Apez makan , ishish , tak senonoh betol :P 
- Then he sent me off home , rasa rasa pukul 9 pagi sampai rumah kot ? 

Balik mandi , terus tidur for one whole day , penat tau , lagi lagi dengan cuaca yang sedap sekali . So Sunday tak keluar . Niari kan Monday , supposedly I pergi Lela punya Chalet , tapi Mama sakit , I kene jaga mama . Skejap lagi Iqek datang rumah . So yeah . Esok pula , pergi tengok wayang , tapi tak tau mana nak tengok . waduhh , APEZ ! Takmo la buli I ! I tak tau nak plan macam mane )": .

Oh and , ton dengan Apez kan , macam ade 4-5 orang gtu kan . Kecoh tau kita , especially Apez . And I had a great time tonning with him . First time pe kita ton stakat dua orang je . Haha ! Thanks Apez sebab jaga I bila masa hujan , haha ! Itu sungguh tak perlu , hiok ! ~ Ok la , khusyuk tidur kan dia pat rumah sekarang . Esok jumpa lagi ^^ . Must ambil gambar banyak banyak k esok !

ok la , bye bloggy ! (:

❤ elohvyee

Written at 5:11 AM on Saturday, March 12, 2011 0 comment(s)

 To make things clear ;

What I said to you guys pasal I da tak rapat with budak punggol was because , I don't want anymore freaking misunderstanding between them . So yeah , Delaila jadi saksi k ? !
And I tak pernah lupa dorang k ? senang atau susah , tetap I msg liya , tak caya , tanya dia sendiri k please (:
I da tak nak ada apa apa lagi dengan korang lagi , da banyak crita pasal satu orang antara korang , tapi , aku tak nak kata pape lagi k ? so yeah , MYOB , and so do I , fair ?

Thanks Delaila for everything , sayang kau banyak banyak please ! Haha <3
And yes , sekarang I tak nak abaikan kawan punggol i lagi (: Bukan kata senang lupa dorang , susah ingat dorang , da selalu ingat dorang k .
I just need my Liya , Nana , Zahary + other punggol friends , Farah , Ameer , Apez , Omar , Bob , Nini , family , and my 104 pondikians friends and Delaila .

Went out to meet Apez and Omar at Jurong , then off to Harbourfront meet Farhan there . 6.45 pm off to Somerset to meet Liya , Nana , Ayu , Ayla , Owl , Zahari , Myrakie , Udin and Boipek . Watch Big momma , it was so superb ! The whole lot of people in the cinema laughing nonstop . Afterwads we went to McDonalds and  then we slack at Scape . We had a lot of laughters here and there . Kesian Nana jadi bahan kekek ! Haha !!!! Then off from there at 11.25 PM . Straight to Punggol , then took bus number 3 blablabla ! malas nak cerita panjang , sekarang Nana ada di rumah Syqin ! kecoh ! pondok sume ade , haha ! k da , bye ! (:

❤ elohvyee

Written at 7:03 AM on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 0 comment(s)

I'm sorry bloggy that I have been abandone you . I've been a mess for this month . And I have a really hard time . But now , everything seems so peaceful . And I wanna thanks Delaila and Tity Lovergal for everything , for making me realize things . Yesterday I had a good time with Mama . Went to White Sand Mall and we ate I don't know what's the restaurant name . But before that , I bought all my girls stuff that I needed . I LIKE ! I have not been smoking for three days already . Wow , superb ! But I need sweets all around me , so whenever I feel like smoking , must eat sweet ! I can go out today , but must be home before 10 , siapa nak jumpa ? Today je , lain hari I nak duduk rumah . I tak tau ni ari apa plan , either L4D atau karaoke . I da tak tau main L4D , yang lain ajar I please ! haha . Oh and it's still early for me to have a relationship k . So favour please (:

I plan nak perm my hair !
And I nak amek Private N alek !
K , tu je . I nak jadi anak mummy alek (: Chows !

❤ elohvyee