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Written at 12:00 AM on Sunday, April 24, 2011 0 comment(s)


I'm not asking much , but what I'm asking is just your love until the very end of my life. I just want you to be my first and the last love and I want our relationship to last very long. You are the best I've ever had. Sometimes I do wonder why you are the one that I've chose and sometimes I wonder, how do you manage to make me move on with my life while some other guys tried to win my heart but they failed. A secret that I've been keeping it to myself. Do you know the first day we meet which is at Sengkang obviously. I had a crush on you back then, but I didn't even think of us getting to be together like how we are now. Spending lots of time and moments with you, it was a splendid times I've got there. Going to somewhere new with you, it was awesome when every single time we went out together. I will treasure every moment and I will obviously treasure you. Daddy did asked about you yesterday. He asked, how long do I know you and where you stay. It seems that daddy accept you. It's a good thing that you do not have a tattoo at any part of your body and another thing is you did not pierce your ear. I couldn't imagine how will I live my life without you around me. You are part of my life now and I wouldn't want you to let go of me , same goes to me. Even though we are not spending time together today, I don't mind as long as you are always in my heart and I'm the only one in your heart :P . You are my Dugong and I'm your Duyung, hehe. I don't know your past and I don't wish to know, coz whatever in the past, let's just leave it and move on to our future. Whatever obstacles that we will going through in the future, I hope we will go forward together and not letting go each others hand aites? I love you like there's no others can. Once again, happy first monthsarry baby.

❤ elohvyee

Written at 4:40 AM on Saturday, April 23, 2011 0 comment(s)

starts from 21st April


woahh ! I miss you truckloads babe . Anyway , your age now is officially 17 now, one more year to 18 huh ? hehe , da tua la dia , apa kurangnya I kan , hiok ~ So I've wished ya through facebook message , you told me you cried huh ? Aww baby , you know you are my sweetest , lovely twinny I have right ? I don't want anything that will ruin our friendship like again . Let's put the past behind and keep on moving forward . Don't be sad anymore ok ? I know how you feel ut there's nothing much you can do , jodoh tak ke mane kankan ? hehe , so cheer up . I know you have a great day with us. Non-stop laughing huh ? Haha , i love you twinny <3 .

So anyway , we meet up at Bugis . I went to Lakeside to meet baby first and guess what ? baby make me wait for like an hour under his void deck, I though he was getting ready but instead he was sleeping . So I went to 7-11 to buy ice cream , when I came back , I get to know that bay was finding me -.-' . So then I went to baby house for a while then off to bugis . I meet Nini and Dyni first then meet Riera at Bugis . Off to shesha and obviously that Omar came late . So shesha until 11pm , then off to Yishun. Actually baby and I wanna watch movie but then we thought that they wanna ton but instead all of them off to home at 2am -.-' . But it's ok . So then send Riera home and then went to 200+ while waiting for Bob to come down and I swear, I hate the cough that I'm having on that point of time . Non-stop like shits ~ 5am off to McDonald , baby eat breakfast and he force me to eat while actually I don't feel like eating . Tak nak baby marah kan , jadi I makan je la , da gemok tau tak ~ hiok ~ Slepas tu , pukul 6 off home sweet home ! Balik terus tidur macam nak rak . Oh and I beat baby's record . Uh , tengok , your girlfriend is more awesome than you kankan ? hehe ^^ .

Riera kata badan I da naik ! haha , ok la , happy life . Baby knows how to make me feel so ALIVE -.-' haha ~

19hours and 30minutes to go baby ! ^^ 
ok lets not waste time , I wanna sleep.

Oh and I forget something,
to my ex;
move on. I know it's a difficult task to move on but hey, don't you wanna feel love? don't you wanna have a happy life? Sitting there and watch me having a happy life, it will hurt you right? saying that you will wait in 10 years time? Muhammad Sharunnizam, you know, you have a great life ahead and you should be happy, you have the right to be happy. Sometimes, what you want doesn't mean it will be yours. Not all things you want you will get. Trust me, there's someone out there will be yours one day. Patience is virtue. Make your life with full of happiness. You are a great ex. Therefore, move on. I don't want to see you suffer like this. Start your life with a positive thoughts and you will get something positive. You know I will always be there when you are in time of needs right? Thanks for wishing me last long. I just hope that you will get someone dearly in your life(: .

❤ elohvyee

Written at 4:55 AM on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 0 comment(s)

Ya know what bloggy ? I can't sleep -.-' WTH ~ 

Keep on coughing and coughing . Hate it -.-' . Ok whatever . Just wanna share something . Saturday I went out with baby , brother , his lover , mom and uncle . Was awesome ~ Went to Handerson Waves and it was like the second time . Ya know , I have to wake up early in the morning . Baby sleep at my house for two days . Daddy have seen baby already but I have yet to tell daddy that baby is my boyfriend . So after we went to Handerson Waves , next trip , we are suppose to go to Botanic Garden , sadly , it was raining heavily . So we went to eat at Adam Road . Afterwards , we went to Marina Bay. Thought of buying kite to play with but eventually, I have no money -.-' . So yeah , mom , uncle , brother and sis liza went to Marina Bridge. While baby and I went to take a view for a while. Afterwards we went to Marina Bridge and guess what ? The wind was so superb and make me fall to sleep. Guess I sleep for an hour while baby listen to his mp3 while singing. I love his voice ^^ . Sleep on his laps, after an hour, baby told me that his butt is pain because he sits for an hour. So I force myself to wake up when actually I wanna get back to sleep but baby force me to wake up. So then I check my phone, mom calls me and off to home since uncle need to go home. So then again, baby sleeps at my house. One thing I hate is when I see baby's serious face plus his scary voice tone, takut please )": . 

It's already nearly to 5am now, gosh ! I better get to sleep coz I will be meeting baby later. He's asleep. Tired due to P.E Lesson Monday morning. Pity you, baby(: . Don't know what plan for today. If he's too tired, I guess will be staying at his house only. Ok bloggy, guess I'm done here. Morning ^^

❤ elohvyee

Written at 5:41 AM on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 0 comment(s)

Baby is the sweetest gift I've ever have (: 

As'salamualaikum semua ! 
Sorry that I haven't been updating much nowadays . Busy with families , work , baby and needed friends . I've went to Handerson Waves with baby , farah and ameer last Thursday. Pictures have been uploaded at facebook. Baby , Farah and Ameer will be busy with their school and I will be busy with my work but yet, I will have spare time to spend. I've just started my work yesterday and so far, the work is ok. Next working day will be on Thursday. Eventhough I have an excellent life now still, I never forget about my other friends. Beep me, I will have time for you guys. No message, no time^^. Easy as ABC right? Ok la, guess I'm done now? Update soon yeah ^^

Oh! I forget one thing

dari kau aku - tersasol i u - i u - bhy baby sayang ^^
dari kawan - gurau gurau - bersama ^^
I just can't forget all those things that we chat in our conversation.
Funny and baby, you never stop putting a smile on my face(:
I love you like there's no others can (: 

❤ elohvyee

Written at 1:15 AM on Monday, April 4, 2011 0 comment(s)

I sayang Hafiz Safiuddin many many , boleh ? haha ((: 

Hi bloggy! Guess what? Mummy da jumpa Hafiz<3 abang pun da jumpa, tinggal daddy je. Ermm, soal daddy, lambat lambat lagi uh, haha! Still got a lot of time ^^ . Sorry da lama tak update, didn't spent a lot of times pat luar last week. Cuma sayang je yang datang rumah i. That day sayang tidur rumah i was on Thursday. Friday, sayang and I lepak with Ameer and Farah. Sayang balik around 11.20pm. I hantar sayang pat bustop. The next day which is Saturday, I tak kluar, duduk rumah. Sunday which is yesterday pun I duduk rumah, tapi I kemas rumah and bilik. Bilik I da bersih! Hehe, jadi ini hari, I tak tau apa plan, apa I tau is I nak jumpa sayang, I nak jaga dia. Kesian sayang sakit. And maybe sayang tidur rumah I. Sayang kene tanya mama dulu(: . Ok la, sampai sini aja k. I skejap lagi nak pergi tidur, sayang tak kasi i tidur lambat. So yeah, goodnite semua ! 

❤ elohvyee