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Written at 11:43 PM on Sunday, June 26, 2011 0 comment(s)

Hello semua !~
Sorry da lamer tak update , maklumlah , da start busy ^^ . Busy la sangat ~ hahaha . Tak sangat la . Recently I've been going out with Liya . Since da lamer tak jumpe diek jugak . So anyway , I tak nak update banyak banyak la , da malas jugak nak pakai ni blog kadang2 , hehe . Anyways , Yesterday I went out . Pergi perkahwinan kakak sedara nye Hafiz<3 . Pat mane ? Teck Whye , jauh kan jauh kan ?? Tapi takpe , sebab yang paling penting , I love to go on a wedding place XD . Omar and An was there too . And yes , I had fun , watching baby and Omar singing . Fun running around with Jad . Oh I miss him XD . So what more ? Oh yes ! Baby sleep over at my house , like after a week didn't get to meet him . Oh RINDU ~ Rindu sekali !!~ )": . And now , must survive 5 days again , can't get to meet him . Confirm confirm kalau jumpe pon , diek mesti nak balik rehat kan ? maklumlah , diek da kerje kan . I pat uma goyang kaki , tapi I try to make myself busy too la , since I've got nothing to do kan ~ XD .

24 June , it's already 3rd monthsarry with baby and I really really wish for a last long relationship with you ok baby . Whatever ups and downs we gonna face , we face it together ^^ .

Ok la , until here only . BYE (: <3

❤ elohvyee

Written at 1:04 AM on Thursday, June 23, 2011 0 comment(s)

its over now (:
but between her and baby , i dont know yet )": 


Anyway , yesterday went to grandlink with Liya , Renny , Ayul and Zahary , yey ! At last dapat g grandlink dgn ayul .. haha !~ Kecoh kecoh ~ OK done , byebbye ... malas nak update , besok2 je uh XD .. muahs ~

❤ elohvyee

Written at 3:53 AM on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 0 comment(s)


❤ elohvyee

Written at 11:50 PM on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 0 comment(s)

Hi bloggy !~ Yes , it's been long since I last update . Sorry aye . Maklumlah , sekarang sudah busy . Da ada matair la katakan . Eh tapi saya tak lupa kawan kawan saya eh . Kalau awak semua fikir saya lupa kawan kawan saya , terserah . Peduli apa saya . Ok , sekarang saya nak update dari mana saya henti , aku ni step melayu mane nye bagus entah , ishk ~ K whatever is is , I forget what I did on 6 June . 7th June I keluar dengan Farah . Pergi Raffles untuk interview , abeh kita cam whore sesama . Gambar da ada di facebook . The next day , I went to the same place with Riera but sadly Riera can't attend for the next interview . Then Farah and I went to Burger King . Hehe , afterwards I meet baby and his friends at Grandlink . Didn't sing much coz something is bothering me . So yeah . Then at 9 of June , I went out with baby . Teman dia pergi shopping pat vivo then town . Afterwards meet my family and kak liza at Grandlink . Ape lagi , kita karaoke la kan ^^ . Baby tidur rumah I , then on 10 June sepatunye cycling . End up tak jadi , entah kenape . Then I dengan baby maen game , sampai I da merajuk dengan game tu tak nak maen lagi uh )": . Game tembak tembak tu jahat !~ )": . K so baby sambung main game sampai nta what time . I da bosan , amek novel , bace la . Tunggukan diek sampai mengantuk ade la , hehe . So diek da puas main game , kita tidur . The next day which is on 11 of June , petang baby balik . Malam nye I pergi cycling dengan Farah and Ameer . Balik time , BONTOT SAKIT )": . Tu la , da lamer tak cycling , so maybe next week cycling lagy . 12 June , malam nye pergi jalan merantau pasir ris same farah . Farah tidur my house . Then 13 June I buat cookie same farah . Weee , maseh nak buat lagi but entah bler . tunggu free time . Then malam pon mcm biase , dgn farah . Da macam budak belo kte nik . 14 June which is semalam . I jumpa baby pat somerset . Baby dengan adik and abang sedare diek . So I da macam ganjil gtu . I tk sempat makan seblom nk kluar . Baby blanje pizza pat pastamania , tu pun I makan sikit je disebabkan I TAK NAK MAKAN BANYAK (: . So I teman dorang shopping , should have brought camera along . Takpe , next time ade lagy . Hehe . So then I balik Sengkang , tidur rumah Shidah . I tak tidur , mane ade tempat untuk tidur , haha , and tak selesa la nak tidur pat kerusi , badan sakit jugak . So the whole day I jage la dorang yang ade kan pat situ . Pukol 5.10 pagi I mandi siap siap then gorengkan nuggets untuk dorang , aku da macam mak kepade dorang kan ... Ok da tu je la rasenye . Balik tros tdo . Masih belum cukup . Esok nak g swimming lagi , hehehe . 

I nak ucapkan terima kasih sekali lagi kepada Hafiz Safiuddin kerana sanggup teman saya walaupun saya da paksa dia untuk pergi tidur . Dia teman saya sampai la saya sampai rumah dan terlelap . Dapat tau , dia tak tidur -.-' . GREAT ONE .. grrr , tapi tak apa , tadi dia da pergi tidur da ok la tu ^^ . Ok la , saya sayang sangat dengan awak tau Hafiz Safiuddin (: <3 

❤ elohvyee

Written at 5:19 AM on Sunday, June 5, 2011 0 comment(s)

I can't simply sleep due to my PMS ~ ERGH !~ will update once I have stories to tell . ok bye ^^

❤ elohvyee

Written at 5:30 AM on Friday, June 3, 2011 0 comment(s)

Hi blog , I simply can't get to sleep right now . Oh my , so I will update you ok bloggy . Anyway , 29th may - 1st june I didnt went out . Didn't meet baby . See how long didn't meet baby ?? HUH ?!~ HUH ?~ ! Tsktsk . Ok , Wednesday I keluar dengan Farah and Ameer . Pergi grandlink and sumpah , my tekak da bagi i warning , 'syqin , kau da tak boleh nyanyi lagy . no more grandlink' . So yeah , hehe . Ameer , Farah , ni kali aku ikot je , aku tak nyanyi k :P . Afterwards , went to farah's house skejap , amek drill den bawak to my house . Slack jap and then sent her nearly to my bustop . So I still have yet to make a plan . Nak jumpe anak sedare aku . Nak jumpe chub and hani . Wahhh , brape lame uh tk jumpe ? ishkishk !!~ 

Good news . YEY ! TODAY JUMPE BABY ! RINDU RINDU RINDU )": !!!~ And today must send comel to vet , kesian diek , diek saket . comel , i hope nothing is wrong with you ok sayang ? I love you , takmo tinggalkan kakak kau ni !!~ Takmo )": .. If only I can take good care of you , if only my parents were to agree of me taking care of you , sigh* . 

I still remember , you used to be lonely . Never want any one to get close to you . When you move in to my house . For a few days , yes , you still lonely , but day by day , you've change . I take good care of you . I teach you not to be so scared coz I told you and I promise you that I will always be there for you . I spoiled you . Coz deep down , I know who you really are . You were there when I'm crying myself on the bed , you were there to make me smile all day . You were there to accompany me . You were there to sleep with me . You were there for me to feed , taking care of , to spoiled , to give you everything you want and lastly , I remembered that mom texted me saying that you fight with another cat , and I rushed home , just to see what happen to you , just to check you up if there's any blood . You sulk when I get mad at you , you sulk when I throw my anger to you just because I was angry with another person . But I search for you after you run away . And when I find you , you were there alone , giving me the sulk face , I carried you even though you struggle , coz I know , you didn't want anything happen to you . I miss your voice , I miss how you used to meow here and there . I miss how you look at me so dearly , so deeply . I miss how you used to calm me down when I'm feeling so down and fucked up . Now , there's no other way for me to do anything to make myself feel better . Please , take good care of yourself when I'm not there with you . I love you lil sister )": <3

❤ elohvyee