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Written at 1:36 AM on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 0 comment(s)

(I know it's an old picture , sorry as we do not have a new picture)
Dear Hafiz Safiuddin ;

Sayang , Happy 5th monthsarry . Tak sangka kite da pergi sejauh gni kan . I wanna thank you sebab eventhough i prangai , you still here by my side and you never leave me . I love that part of yours . And I do love your sincerity and honesty . Without you , I guess my life would be the same as before . Thank you for entering in my life when I needed a person to lead me to have a bright future . I love you , yes I do (": . I don't know if you feel the same way too but what I know is I tak nak kehilangan you dalam hidup I . Out of a sudden , you make me fall in love with you and I really don't know where it comes and what are the things that I love about you at that point of time . But as far as I concern , that you are the one that can bring me happiness . My attitude sucks at times but still you endure it . Maybe I'm not the perfect girl for you but for me , you are the perfect guy . I admit , there's ntg in you that have the attitude of the future guy I want but trust me , I just love for who you are and please , don't ever change . There's nothing in you that I want you to change . Except that I don't want you to repeat your past . That's all . Honey, you are my important person now , so i need you to lead me in my whole life . And in future don't ever let me go and even we have a small fights or big fights and I ask you to go away, make sure you don't . Coz I needed you and I didn't mean to ask you to go away. Please , take note of this . Ok ? (": . I'm really thankful and grateful to Allah as he brought our fate together . I miss you so much and I thought I wanna meet you today but I guess you will be tired and I don't wanna bother you . I want you to sleep and have a rest ok(": . I love you so much and I don't want to ever let you go in my life . And what ever problems that we need to face in future , make sure we face it together . ok ? (": And sometimes I do wonder , have I ever make you happy from the very start when we are together . Sometimes I do wonder whether am I the right one for you . (":
Whatever it is , I'm in love with you and only you in my heart <3
Guess I'm done now .

Love you , much misses , Nurul Asyqin .

❤ elohvyee

Written at 11:49 PM on Sunday, August 21, 2011 0 comment(s)

There's a reason why I react this way . There's also a reason why I behave this way . Look at yourself and think what's the unpleasant things that you have done to me . If you think , blaming on me what satisfy you , be it bitch ! Coz let me say this to  you , I've given lots of chances to you , I've always be the water for you . SERIOUSLY , YOU REALLY DON'T DESERVE ANOTHER CHANCE BITCH ! It's a waste if I give you another chance , coz you simply won't change . I don't wanna give a fuck about you anymore , why ? Ask yourself (: . Go suck a dick bitch (: ~ .

Opps , sorry for the harsh words , oh on the second thought . I don't give a damn anymore .

Life have teach me lots of meaning . 

F R I E N D S :
They can ditch you . They can stab you . They can even be your worse enemy .
And what's more worse is that , they know that you are their friend , so they think this way 
" Oh , confirm she/he will accpt my apology even if I did mistakeS, coz he/she is my friend "
Oh fuck it ! If you think that way , guess what ? I wouldn't care if I lose a friend like you .

I N D E P E N D E N T :
That's what I've been learning for the pass few years of my life while I was a child .
And that's what I'm gonna do from now on . That word have been in my whole life from young.
Sadly , I didn't use it . But now , I'm using it for my own good . 

C H A N G I N G :

Whether you like it or not , that's your fucking problem . I don't even care . I will be myself with
my love ones , but I will be someone that you call a bitch if I don't care who are you to me .
To me , this is life , people change , I change . Oh wait , let me rephrase it back . I didn't change , 
but the way you are make others to change (: 

R E G R E T :

Don't be . Coz there's a reason why this is happening (: 

Guess , that's all I have to say . And again , sorry readers for the harsh words ^^ .

syqin ~

❤ elohvyee

Written at 8:45 AM on Sunday, August 14, 2011 0 comment(s)

Hello peeps ! Yeah , long time didn't update . Oh my ^^ . Anyway , here's some update for what I've been doing lately . 

Friday , I went out with Baby and his cousins . Went to Orchard Sakura for Iftar . And then went to Geylang . Truthfully , it was an awesome day I had . And when I look at them , I remember , the old times I had with all my cousins . We are not like we used to be . Hopefully , this iftar , you guys will be going . On that day , I didn't talk much as I was shy . I only knew some of them . So yeah ^^ . 

So yesterday , which is Saturday . Kak Wani came over to do her assignments and I help her out with her Comprehension . Then we went to Downtown for buka and we watch movie afterwards . It's been long time since I meet her . Much misses . So yeah . Thank Kak Wani for spending time with me yesterday and thanks for the movie treat . 

And as for today , baby is coming over my house soon . Buka outside with my family later on . And I have yet to sleep actually . My eyes are tired but I'm still waiting for baby to come over . Alright then , guess I'm off now ? Byebye (:

Oh and yes , recently I dreamt of arwah nenek . I missed her so much . She was laughing and smiling in my dreams and I know that she's looking after us from above .
Oh Allah , we don't deserve your heaven and we also can't handle it with your hell . May she lay in your beautiful heaven and be safe by your side . 
Sedekah Al-Fatehah to arwah nenek , arwah tok mat and arwah nek timah . Amiin (": .

In this world , everything can be cruel . Everything will change . And it's how you handle it . Our destination of life might not be the same , our beauty are not the same , and our life might be harder than those who have what they wanted but that doesn't mean we have to give up . Reason because , what we are going through , is what God is testing us . And God won't test us more than what we can't handle . Therefore , be thankful to God as whatever circumstance we are going through , He want us to be strong than before . God is fair , so don't ever say that God don't love you . Goodbye now (:

❤ elohvyee

Written at 2:30 AM on Monday, August 1, 2011 0 comment(s)

Hi ! 
Went out on Saturday with boyfriend and bestfriend . IT WAS AWESOME ! Well for me yes , but to my dearly farah , cheer up babe . Everything happens for a reason ok ? (:


Ok , so on left , that awesome girl is my bestest friend . We went through ups and downs together , we fight over 3 times but yet we are standing tall , side by side , living our life full of happenings . However , we still manage to over come the circumstance that we are going through . We have to remember , if we are saying that we are going through the hard times or lifes , what about those who are having much more harder circumstance than us . Therefore , to whoever out there , just remember treasure what you have now before it's too late (: 

So on the right , as you can see that chicky chicky hot hot guy , that's obviously my cutest boyfriend . I love him so dearly . Yes , we do have fights here and there , but what ever it is , we still overcome those shits over the night . I have an awesome life right now , after baby enter into my circle of life , everything change . He make my life seems so wonderful . I get to know his family and he get to know my family over this 4 months and this month gonna be our 5th monthsarry . I admit , He is the bestest guy friend , best friend , awesome friend , boyfriend I have ever ever had . Insya'allah , with GOD's will , we will last long till the very end . You know , I never did imagine that he's gonna be my boyfriend . Never . Yes , I did admire him when we first met but I was contacting with another guy which is his friend but ended up , I've got a heart break . But , because of this , I manage to stand up and move on with my boyfriend . I don't know how this happen , but what I know is that I'm superb happy with him . The first time that I'm serious in relationship . The first guy that make my life so wonderful and seriously , when we meet , we were as if in our own world doing some stupid stuff running here and there , heck care of people surrounding us . I don't know if boyfriend feel the same way I do but I don't wanna ever ever loose him . Coz I don't know what will happen to me if he's not in my circle of life anymore .

Dear boyfriend , 
I'm sorry , sorry that I have an uncontrollable jealousy . Just so you know , my jealousy is very high . I love you and I don't wanna loose you . Muah .

Ok la , guess I'm done here . Byebye <3 (:

❤ elohvyee