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Written at 9:49 AM on Sunday, September 4, 2011 0 comment(s)

Sorry as I will put the previous post as my draft , let it just be between me and God . There's nothing left I could say . There's always ups and downs in a relationship . So there's no point sharing . Sometimes it's because of my insecurity therefore , I will just leave it to God to lead me through my hard and easy times . Let's just say that I'm over thinking . That's all (: . Things change , people change and sometimes they also change the way they treat others. Having this kind of situation do sucks a lot . But I guess I need to have a good long rest . What I can do now is to pretend. Pretend that everything is fine. Coz I know, that there's no use of thinking about it and I end up crying myself until I fall asleep. Only God knows what I'm feeling right now. Only He knows what I'm going through and only He knows what's the best for me .

Oh Allah , lead me , lead me through what ever situation I'm going through. Help me, help me to be strong to over come the problems now. Only you know what's in my heart. And Allah, I really do hope that you open up him and my brother's eyes. Please lead my brother to be a better person. Please help me, coz I as his sister fail to be one. Thus, help him to make he realize what's the different between him now and before. 

I feel so useless when I differentiate between how you used to treat me now and before. I admit, I feel so hopeless now. Hopeless like I feel I wanna give up in everything I do.It hurts when I see the difference about you. And I know it will hurt more when I loss you. Love, I hope you have the time and see, see how you use to treat me now and before.

When I'm small, crying is the only solution but now crying doesn't solve the problems.

❤ elohvyee