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❤ ApezSyqin ❤
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Written at 3:09 AM on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 0 comment(s)

I'm someone that
when I care , I care more that it was suppose to be .
when I fall , I fall too deeply .
will stay insecure for some reasons over and over again .
wish giving up is the easy way for me but come to think of it , it doesn't worth it if I give up that easily .
will sometimes get on  your nerves .
very weak in heart although strong in the outside .
will always remember everything that happen .

So , tell me now . Can you still endure this attitude of mine that can't be change?

❤ elohvyee

Written at 12:52 AM on Friday, December 2, 2011 0 comment(s)

Hi ! I know it's been long time since I've last update my blog .

Anyway , let's share my stories alright . I've been going a lot of obstacles with my boyfriend . We have a really freak month on the month of November . We quarrel , like 2 or 3 times in one month . It's kind of a bad month for us . So jyeah , I was hoping that December will be a good month for both of us . Not only on December but starting from today onwards . But what ever it is . Both of us is still standing strong now . And I really do appreciate that my boyfriend enter in my circle of life . I really do . Because without him , I will be weak as before . I will be as who I am before . And truthfully , he teach me a lot in this world . I love him . And that's all I could say if you wanna ask me why I love him . I don't have any reason to why I'm in love with him . But one thing for sure . He shower me with love , care and concern that I was hoping that one day , someone would enter in my life and giving me the happiest moments . Be it worst , happy , bad or an excellent moments , I'm willing to go through it with him . 

If you wanna ask about my friendS , let me tell you this . I don't need it anymore . Why ? Coz I don't fucking need stupid shits to happen in my life . Where got time ~ Lols . And there's only a FEW that is still standing by my side and especially my family . Fuck the past and kiss the fucking future . (: 

Lastly ; bila aku baik tak semestinya kau boleh pijak kepale aku berkali kali . Terasa ? kau nye pasal ^^ 
P.S; not to my boyfriend , family nor a few of my friend . XD

❤ elohvyee