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Written at 4:50 AM on Friday, January 27, 2012 0 comment(s)

Hafiz Safiuddin . 

See that guy in the picture ? Yeah , he's mine ! So back off . He's all I've got now other than my family members . He's the best thing I ever had that entered in  my life . He's gonna serve NS now . So I won't be going out much . I'm gonna spend my time working and schooling or I work all the way . 

Your birthday falls on the 9 and you are in your camp . It's fine , but baby , I'm gonna give you the best present . I'm sorry but your present will be delay . I'm sorry . Please wait , it's gonna be big . I promise . Accept it , coz its for you , your birthday present . And I'm gonna search for jobs . I wanna buy something for our first anniversary plus your birthday present . It's a promise . 

I admit , you are the first guy that I had a long relationship with . So I really hope that you will be mine for the rest of my life . Coz after you entered , you have totally change my life . I guess , without you , I'm still outside , hanging around with friends , drinking here and there . clubbing and all the shits I've done . I won't give up on you no matter what , so please , appreciate me while I'm still here . ok ?

I'm proudly to say to others that you are my only men . I trust you . I'm gonna put full trust on you to take good care of me ok ?  And I want you to put your trust in me while you serve your NS . I'm gonna be good . Coz I can't bare to lose you . I won't until to the extend of being a two timer nor contacting other guys . You already conquer my heart . No space for others . My heart shattered  when you pick me up . You glue it back together to make it in one piece . That's when  I start to believe that you will be taking good care of me . You pick me up when I'm falling . And now , you raise me up to be a good lady . 

One more thing , I don't mind if you wanna go out at night with your friends , it's just that , I want you to inform me what time will you be reaching home and where you wanna go . That's all , coz I could be worried sick ok ? I'm not gonna go out late at night anymore since you won't let me . I don't even care if you starts to control me . Yeah , people might say , you and I are not married yet . But what they don't know is to differentiate between the word boyfriend and men .

You might be harsh on me some times , but yet , I'm still here standing right beside you , still loving you even though you have a stuck up attitude . Again I'm saying , I'm not here , entering in you life and get out just easily . I'm not the person that come and go in your life . I'm the type that come and stay . So I really hope you feel the say way too . 

I love you with all my heart , so I really hope you won't disappoint me in the future . 

❤ elohvyee

Written at 1:26 AM on Thursday, January 26, 2012 0 comment(s)

Hi , it's been long time since I really last update my blog . And now it's dirty . Anyway , I just wanna wish my boyfriend Happy 10th Monthsarry baby ! You know , at first I didn't imagine that we can go far but well , it proves me wrong . We made it . 10th Monthsarry . We have never have a relationship been this long . On the day of our monthsarry , it was the sweetest thing you did . You didn't even inform me about you coming down here . You called me , and I thought you were just outside your home smoking but instead , you came to my house . Seriously , you give me , mom and brah a good heart attack for a minute there . So you sleep over my house , the next day which is yesterday , I really love the way  you treat me (: I love the way you spoil me . And I love the way your hands play with my hair .  What I know is now , after yesterday , my feelings towards you keep going stronger . So trust me , when I say I love you , I really mean it . And I hope you mean your words too (: 

So next month it's our birthday . (: 
I was planning of celebrating together but sadly , you are gonna serve NS soon . But never mind , I've got other plans . And baby , don't worry , as long as I know you love me , I won't make any trouble (: I love you . 

❤ elohvyee